Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral
Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
422 St. Joseph Blvd. West, Montreal, QC., H2V 2P5 Canada

Dear St Nicholas Parishioner,

Imagine, you come to church and the doors are closed…

Imagine the church is closed and there is no familiar place where to baptize your children, or to marry the love of your life in front of God, or to offer the last prayers for the departed…

Imagine, there is no commemoration, no confession, no Holy Communion…

Is this world not already harsh enough?

You might think that we are exaggerating, but, unfortunately, we have some bad news:

Our church is facing possible closure if we do not bring it up to the building code. And if you think the closures simply can’t happen, you don’t have to look far, because the painful pandemic closures have proven that public health orders are what they are – orders. If we don’t follow an order, we will lose our church.

Won’t you help save your parish by donating now?

Our major issue today is the ventilation system, which is by far insufficient to handle crowded Sunday services, candles, incense smoke, and a steadily warming climate. Every year, some of the most fragile parishioners faint during hot summer days, risking further injury from the falls.

You may have even experienced it firsthand, tending to a parishioner who felt unwell. And we are sure you don’t want this to happen again! We must unite to provide a safe place of worship for everyone!

Won’t you stand with us and take care of the temple of the Lord?

Please donate now!

The upgrades are long overdue and have been overshadowed by more urgent repairs, which by God’s grace, were completed successfully in the past.

Here’s what we need to take care of urgently:

 A compliant ventilation system must provide adequate air filtering, air exchange and air conditioning. Also, it must include the areas which currently lack any ventilation – the Altar and choir balcony, where the clergy and choir are on duty.

The new ventilation system will ensure the respiratory health and comfort of those who serve and each one of us, our parents, our children, and our grandchildren. In addition, proper air circulation will protect the holy relics, unique icons, and the entire structure of our cathedral from humidity and deterioration.

Will you help?

The total cost of the project is $215,000. We have already collected $40,000 (18.60% of the total). We still need to collect $175,000. Moreover, we need it done by the end of April 2023.

We know it seems like a huge sum of money. And we know that money is tight right now, but…

Failure to act now will postpone these overdue repairs for at least another year. By then, inflation will significantly drive the costs up, placing our goal out of reach again.

Also, according to the building code, without a compliant ventilation system, any interior renovations cannot be made, thus the very much anticipated restoration of the iconostasis and the interior walls iconography cannot be started at all.

Won’t you please help prevent catastrophic damage to our church?

Brick by brick, we have been rebuilding our church after a devastating fire in 1998. We invested in durable cladding for the cathedral dome, and we gave our parish a functional kitchen and hall. We took out a substantial loan to rebuild the walls and roofs. We have not yet paid off our loan, so we cannot take out another one.

So today, we are writing to you to tell you that we can’t do without your help.

As an Orthodox Christian, you know that we are called on to be good stewards of the Lord’s temple. Will you be a good steward to the house of God? Will you take care of His house in return for all that He does for you?

Please give now!

When you donate today, you will be putting your hand on the noble task of building the temple of the Lord.

         With every dollar you give, you will be rebuilding our parish’s ventilation system, so that our congregation can gather together safely for prayer. In this way, you will be actively showing love to your neighbor by providing them with clean air. By donating now, you will be allowing your parish to continue its salvific work of prayer for our community, our city, our country, and the world.

Won’t you please join us in giving today?

You can pledge any amount you choose. And you can rest assured that every dollar will go a long way toward providing clean air to your fellow parishioners, clergy, friends, and family.


Your humble kindness and faith can make the difference and, united in the Lord, all together, we can move mountains.

We need 1,000 people like you to give $175,

or 350 people like you to give $500,

or 175 people like you to give $1,000. Anything you can donate brings us closer to our goal for this spring.


Our ancestors left a great LEGACY by keeping our Cathedral alive.

Now, it is our and your turn to preserve and make this Legacy SHINE!


Please HELP restore our beloved Montreal’s Saint-Nicholas Cathedral!

With love in Christ,

Your Cathedral Clergy

PS: All donations are tax-deductible.

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