Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral
Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
422 St. Joseph Blvd. West, Montreal, QC., H2V 2P5 Canada
St Nicholas Parish Bookstore
Our church bookstore exists for the purpose of being a resource for Orthodox Christianity.  As part of its mission it supports the cathedral clergy to supplement those interested in Orthodoxy with a wide range of books, icons, prayer ropes plus many other items.  To the best of the abilities of those serving on staff, the bookstore is here to educate, serve and augment the Orthodox Christian faith.

The bookstore is responsible for an inventory offering a large selection of icons and the capability to order many others that might not be stocked on a regular basis.  Icon shrines, votives (hanging & free standing), jewelry, incense and charcoal, greeting cards (names-day, all occasion and seasonal) are also available.  A quantity of books are also on hand with subjects ranging from catechetic writings, liturgy, service books, theology, spirituality , family topics, children’s books and Bibles, saints, tradition, Bibles and Bible study aids and more.

Currently managed by Matushka Alexandra Metni the bookstore exits under the responsibility of the Parish Sisterhood.  The Bookstore is located in the entrance to the Parish Hall.  We are open Sundays and major feast days after Divine Liturgy until the crowds thin between 11:00am and 1:00pm.

As we build up our new parish website the goal is to make available on line most of our popular inventory items.

Matushka Alexandra Metni can be contacted via email at:

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